Avoid Rug Pads That Are Pre-Cut and Pre-Packaged

6Finding a high quality rug pad in your local retail store can be quite a challenge. The retailer is not interested in tying up their money in inventory, so they stock standard sized padding for sale. Even more retailers are making the switch to drop shipping, never seeing those pads as they travel from the warehouse to the customer. The warehouse ships padding that is folded into packages that in many cases has been sitting on shelves for weeks and months. Here are some of the reasons that you should avoid buying pre-cut and pre-packaged rug pads from a retail outlet or online website.

Recently we were contacted from a customer who did buy their padding from an online source, and they were concerned that the rug now had bumps every eighteen inches. The type of pad that she purchased was a rubber and jute combination that was folded tightly into the packaging. Those bumps in her rug were from where the folds in the padding were rising through. Inside the package, the rubber actually melted together where it was folded, causing a tripping hazard in her home. In addition to the rug looking awkward, that padding is going to wear the rug in certain locations prematurely.

ultra-premium_tile-marble-vinyl_runners_2To ensure that you are buying the best pads, you must purchase them from a supplier that stores all their pads on rolls. Whether it is jute, rubber, or non-slip pads, storing the pads in rolls will ensure no deformities once the pad is on your floor. The pads are manufactured at preset sizes, and most retail outlets cut the padding even smaller to be able to sit in packaging on their shelves more easily. The simple truth is rolled padding takes up space, and most retail shops will not tie up their valuable space, then have to utilize time to cut and wrap the finished product. They feel this is wasted time that can be better served storing the pad in smaller packages.

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