Best Rug Pad For Needlepoint Rugs

What makes needlepoint rugs so beautiful is the fact that they are handmade and flat weave. The flat weave
gives it a great look that appears as though you had a painting on your floor. Needlepoint
rugs are thin and quite flexible, it is therefore important to have a good rug pad
that will keep them flat & wrinkle free and at the same time keep them from sliding.

Some people may ask if it is advisable to put a thick rug pad under these carpets for additional comfort. This is fine
however, avoid putting very thick rug pads because they will not keep them
flat. This is because, needlepoint rugs do not have any pile therefore do not
have substantial weight that could keep them from bulking on top of a thick,
highly cushioned pad. The best rug pad therefore is the one with a lot of non slip
function and should also have a little cushion.


The ideal rug pad for needle point rugs should be that of a combination of rubber and jute. This is because it contains
a textured surface of recycled jute that can safely grab the needlepoint rug. At
its bottom is a layer of rubber that safely grabs it to the floor. This rug pad
is therefore perfect for keeping your needlepoint rug flat and wrinkle
free and at the same time look just they way it should. Since this rug pad is needle
punched, it is dense enough to ensure that the needlepoint rug is kept still
when you are walking on it. It is only 0.25 inches thick therefore it adds
comfort without lifting the needlepoint too high off the ground/ floor.

With the perfect rug pad under your needlepoint rug, it will last for a very long time (life time). It is much easier
to vacuum it because the rug pad grabs onto it. There will be no more wrinkles
when you walk on your rug and therefore, it will remain flat giving it the best
look that a needlepoint rug should have. ANC-058B(3x5)-1

These types of rug pads also come in a various qualities. I would however recommend the one with recycled jute and a real
layer of rubber underneath. There is one with a synthetic chemical instead of recycled
jute and also sprayed on a latex rubber. This is however not recommended
because the sprays may break down leaving marks on your floor.

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