Rug Pads For Laminate Floors

Rug pads for laminate floors are essential to keep the rugs straight and flat on the floor, but they are also efficient when it comes to protecting the laminate floor. Good rug pads for laminate floors must not contain any adhesives, as they can damage the floor.

Using a correct rug pad on a laminate floor will offer protection and will help keep your room neat and clean without a lot of effort.
Felt rug pads are the best for laminate floors. There are a lot of rug pads available for laminate floors, using rubber, or a combination of either natural or synthetic fibers. However, the best choice for a laminate floor is the felt rug pad. Boasting a high density, long fiber design, felt is a great material, offering a better resistance to wear and pressure, while also working great for longer periods of time. The 40 ounce density helps prevent the damage of laminate floor through scratching, cutting or bumps derived from heavy furniture. Other rug pads, typically the soft, spongy ones can damage the floor because the foot steps and heavy furniture leaves marks, sinking through the rug.


The resulting floor damage can be long lasting and may require costly repair work. Good felt pad rugs are manufactured using 40 ounce density recycled natural fibers that are compressed using no added dangerous adhesives or glues. Felt rug pads have a layer of natural rubber that adhere to the surface of the floor, stabilizing the rug neatly in its desired position. You won’t need any additional tools, materials or equipment when installing them. These rugs are a great addition to any room, providing comfort to people and protection for your valuable laminated floor.

Rugs can slip, slide and cause damage to the floor when there is no rug pad installed. A felt rug pad adds a very useful cushioned layer that prevents the rugs from slipping and causing wrinkles. They also reduce the risk of damage to the floor because they are manufactured from natural fibers, without added dangerous chemical substances. Other rug pads generally have rubber and other chemicals in their composition, which might be dangerous for the floor.
Good felt rug pads can last for years, offering great protection to a laminate floor, without the need of added maintenance or repair work. The expensive laminate floor will be protected, the rug will stay neatly on the surface and there won’t be any wrinkles, tears and bumps on the floor.

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