Rug Pads For Thin and Low Profile Rugs

One of the most common questions we hear when it pertains to padding is, “What rug pad is the best to use with my thin rug?” Thin rugs are simply made with a flatter pile and appear thinner than other types of rugs. Considered low profile rugs, these range from Kilim, Navajo, Jute, Antique Persian, and Sisal rugs.

The most common practice for many homeowners is to simply place a thick padding under a low profile or thin rug. It’s important to consider what you are placing underneath the area rug because these low profile rugs have a very appealing look to them. Adding too much height with thick padding can defeat the overall look that was intended by the rug.

Choose the appropriate pad size when you have a low profile rug. These thin rugs have a tendency to crawl around the floor more often than a heavier rug. It is important that you choose a pad that will keep that rug secure it place. The appeal of the thin rug is how close it is in proximity to the floor. The padding must be able to help maintain that overall look. Finally, the rug pad needs to help protect the rug and prolong the overall life of the material. Thinner rugs feel much better to walk on, so the thinner the padding the better the overall feel will be.


The most popular pad choice for low profile rugs is a combination of rubber and jute. The width of this type of padding is approximately 1/4 of an inch, helping to add comfort without the rug coming up too high. This type of pad is made from a jute material, providing a natural rubber backing. The pad has a textured surface that can easily secure the rug in place. When the rubber area on the bottom of the pad holds the rug it place, it helps to eliminate and wrinkling or accidental slips from a moving rug. The material that is used in this pad is extremely dense and not spongy, helping to prolong the materials used in that antique area rug. The density in the pad will also help to resist pressure when walking on the area rug. Rather than the back of the rug slowly wearing down on to the hardwood flooring, the pad will effectively absorb all that pressure each time it is walked upon.

Always be care in the type of pad that you eventually pick to use with your low profile rug. The unique blend of rubber and jute in this pad are the reason we recommend it for protecting your thin rugs and floor surface. Be sure that when you are considering a pad, look for one with a rubber side not sprayed with latex, it must have rubber that is sewn into that jute surface. Sprayed latex will not hold to the pad long term, resulting in the material breaking down and damaging your flooring over time. If you follow these simple tips, your rugs will look amazing and stay in place when walked upon.

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