What Size a Rug Pad should be

We should all have rug pads under our rugs. The big
question is what size a rug pad should be. The question might receive different
answers, but the facts remain the same. The best answer is that a rug pad
should measure less than your actual rug. When a rug pad is lesser than your normal
rug, it will be hidden and the edges of your rug will lie flat against the
floor. Rug pads are used to cover the actual body of the rug, excluding the fringes.
If you choose a rug pad that is up to
the edge of your rug, this can cause a trip risk. Though several experts have
different views on the exact size the rug pad should be, there is a common rule
to go by.cutting-a-custom-rug-pad

If possible, all rug pads should be an inch thick
and an inch less than your actual rug size on all four sides. This will prevent
premature wear and tear to the edges of your rug. It will also make your rug
look good. By making sure the rug pad is an inch less than your rug, the rug
pad will be hidden and yet doing it work.


For example, if actual rug measures 9’x12′, then your
final rug pad of an inch less should be 8’10″x11’10”. This is as a
result of taking one inch off all the four sides of the actual rug size. If the
rug pad is thicker than 1/4 of an inch, then it is good for your rug to have a
rug pad 1.5 inches less on all four sides. If it is difficult to cut the rug
pad at home, make sure you have the measurements of your rug, and let the store
custom cut the rug pad for you.

Why a rug pad should be smaller than the rug61At94lSdsL._SY300_

There are various reasons why a rug pad should be
smaller than the normal rug. When a rug pad is smaller than the normal rug, the
edges of the rug will not be seen. Your rug will also look good and cleaner. If
your rug pad is the same size as your rug, then the fringes of your rug will be
off the floor. This can be very dangerous to anyone walking on the rug. By the
fringe of the rug being raised off the floor, shoe soles can continuously rub
the fringe and wear it even before the rest of the rug.

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