Why Felt Rug Pads Are Hard to Find

Most retailers usually prefer stocking rug pads that are packaged because they save on space and money. These rugs pads are usually packaged that way by mills that produce them and sent to retails as a package. However, this does not apply to felt rug pads which are usually in rolls. Rolls occupy more space which will be an added advantage to retailers who want to preserve more space in their stores for other products. This is the main reason why most retailers stay clear of these pads making it difficult for consumes to find them.

For in the market in search of a specific rug pad, online and several physical stores are a good place to find. These different types of rug pads may include the PVC pads, vinyl pads, rubber pads and the felt pads. Most sellers usually pack them into bags waiting to be sold.
For those in search of a pure felt jute pad, the numbers in the market are very few making it very difficult for people to choose the right one. It is always good to get a variety to choose from whenever buying any product. The recycled felt jute rug pad is the only best options consumers can get when it comes to felt jute rug pads. However, one may have to search in various stores and online sites before getting it. Most customers have expressed their desires to own the old fashioned rug pads but they are rare to find. Nowadays the old fashioned rug pads are the ones that have been recycled to create the felt jute rug pads. They are hard to find but there are some stores that have invested in the much needed space time and money involved in availing the pads in stores.

There a number of reasons why the felt jute rug pads are the best. They usually do not contain any chemicals or adhesives that can cause harm to the floor. They can also be cut to an exact size that can fit your floor cutting out on wastage. Store that stock the rugs have to cut them to the customers meaning customers will get the exact fit that there room needs. Most rolls are actually 12 feet long and weighing up to 350 pounds making it difficult for most stores to stock them.
Not many stores will want to stock such heavy and long rug pads that occupy much of their spaces but it does not mean you cannot get one. It is always good to look in the many online sites and physical stores. This way, one is able to get some options on felt rug pads before buying.

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