Why You Need A Rug Pad

Rug pads are an effective way of extending the life of
carpets and rugs, and protecting the investment in home. They add softness and
comfort underfoot and can give good support to the rugs. Rugs are an important
home and office supply and they serve a variety of purposes from aesthetic
enhancement to practical use. Rug pads must be used with all area rugs in order
to extend their performance. Rug pads prevent accumulation of dirt and dust
thus helping to have a cleaner home. When placed on floor, they help avoid the
incidence of slipping and moving of furniture. They keep the mat in place and
avoid falls and slips. Most rug pads are made from synthetic materials and have
nonslip, acoustic properties.

The reasons why you need a rug pad are:

A rug pad actually helps facilitate the vacuuming process. Dirt is the main reason for rug degradation and a rug pad
can prevent the rug from shifting and allow it to pick more dirt than without a
rug pad. They also provide ventilation between the floor and the rug. They make
vacuuming more effective by allowing air flow and preventing embedded dirt. This
will help prolong the life of oriental rugs.

When used with larger rugs, a rug pad will keep
the corners down and prevent them from buckling. Many people think that it is
not necessary to use rug pads for larger rugs as they are not likely to slip
out, but even though they are less likely to slip, they buckle and wrinkle at
the corners. No matter where the rug is placed, on a hardwood or laminate floor,
or carpet, a pad keeps the rug in place and prevents slips, slides and pulls.

A rug pad provides protection for the floors in
several ways. A quality rug pad prevents dye transferring from the rugs to the
floors. Although rare, some rugs might actually bleed into the flooring or
react with the coating on the hardwood floors and stain them.


A thicker rug pad provides more support to the
rug and this helps relieve stress from foot traffic over many years of use. A cushioned
rug pad helps prolong and protect the area rugs in addition to the flooring. The
pad extends the life of the rug by preventing the fibers, especially wool and
cotton, from being crushed.

A cushioned rug pad creates a buffer between the
rugs and flooring thus preventing floor damage. It also protects hardwood and
laminate floorings from being scratched by the backing on an area rug.

A thick rug pad provides comfort by adding
cushiony softness underfoot. They absorb impact and soften noise.

Rug pads are available in various materials and they should
be chosen depending on the type of floor or carpet underneath the area rug.

Felt Rug Pads

These are made from recycled carpet fibers and are intended
for carpets, tiles, hardwood and laminated floors. Felt rug pads provide a
thick padding and are perfect for area rugs to avoid chances of slipping. They are
also known as jute pads™ and are considered to be the best among the rug pads.

Rubber Pad

Rubber pads are safe to be used with any type of floor. They
are moisture resistant and offer maximum floor protection. They also provide
comfort to the feet, extend the life of carpets, make them easy to clean and offer
a natural remedy for absorbing sound.


Rug pads are easy to install and they can be trimmed to fit
the shape of the area rugs. By adding rug pads on the floor, you add a touch of
comfort and safety. A premium rug pad is more of an investment than a cost that
will pay for itself 10 times over in the future.

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