What Size a Rug Pad should be

We should all have rug pads under our rugs. The big
question is what size a rug pad should be. The question might receive different
answers, but the facts remain the same. The best answer is that a rug pad
should measure less than your actual rug. When a rug pad is lesser than your normal
rug, it will be hidden and the edges of your rug will lie flat against the
floor. Rug pads are used to cover the actual body of the rug, excluding the fringes.
If you choose a rug pad that is up to
the edge of your rug, this can cause a trip risk. Though several experts have
different views on the exact size the rug pad should be, there is a common rule
to go by.cutting-a-custom-rug-pad

If possible, all rug pads should be an inch thick
and an inch less than your actual rug size on all four sides. This will prevent
premature wear and tear to the edges of your rug. It will also make your rug
look good. By making sure the rug pad is an inch less than your rug, the rug
pad will be hidden and yet doing it work.


For example, if actual rug measures 9’x12′, then your
final rug pad of an inch less should be 8’10″x11’10”. This is as a
result of taking one inch off all the four sides of the actual rug size. If the
rug pad is thicker than 1/4 of an inch, then it is good for your rug to have a
rug pad 1.5 inches less on all four sides. If it is difficult to cut the rug
pad at home, make sure you have the measurements of your rug, and let the store
custom cut the rug pad for you.

Why a rug pad should be smaller than the rug61At94lSdsL._SY300_

There are various reasons why a rug pad should be
smaller than the normal rug. When a rug pad is smaller than the normal rug, the
edges of the rug will not be seen. Your rug will also look good and cleaner. If
your rug pad is the same size as your rug, then the fringes of your rug will be
off the floor. This can be very dangerous to anyone walking on the rug. By the
fringe of the rug being raised off the floor, shoe soles can continuously rub
the fringe and wear it even before the rest of the rug.

The Right Size Rug Pad For Your Rug

It is important to bear in mind that all area rugs require
rug pads for different reasons. It is also important to note that the pad
must be a size smaller than the rug. Getting the right fit rug pad for your rug
will decrease the chances of irregular depreciation and get rid of chances of
tripping that may occur due to the rugs edges getting lifted off the floor.

The most universal rule of a rug pad is quite simple. Your rug pad should be
about one inch shorter in size in the all the sides than your rug. In most cases, rug sizes are often under
standard categories such as 6’x9′ or 9’x12′, although the real size may vary
with a few inches.

If you bought or already have a rug that you were made to
belief is a 9’x12′, the most logic and safe thing to do would be to measure the
rug yourself. When measuring, do not include the tassels or fringes that are
often at the ends of your rug because the rug pad should not include them. Your carpet that you thought is
a 9’x12’may actually be 8’10″x11’9″. For this size of a rug, the ultimate rug pad
should have an actual measurement of 8’8″x11’7″ or simply less an inch on each side.

There are important reasons why your rug pad should be less in size than your
rug. One of the reasons is that we do not want your rug’s edges getting lifted
off the floor because of the pad. This will help in getting rid of any kind of
hazards such as tripping and early wear and tear on the borders of the rug. Another
reason is that it is not a pleasant sight immediately one walks into a room. A pad
that sticks out of the margins of the rug makes the room appear ugly. When the
pad is smaller and does not stick out of the rug, then the room has a much neat


Majority of offline and online stores that sell rug pads do
not cut to size, but you may be lucky to find some that do. However, you can always
ask them to cut your pad according to the size of your rug. If they are not
able to cut a size that suits you, then you have no option but to trim it on
your own. Get a a cutting knife or a heavy duty pair of scissors and ensure
your avoid scratching your floor while cutting. Cutting off the unwanted parts
will enable you to protect your rug and your family for a long period of time.

Rug Pads For Thin and Low Profile Rugs

One of the most common questions we hear when it pertains to padding is, “What rug pad is the best to use with my thin rug?” Thin rugs are simply made with a flatter pile and appear thinner than other types of rugs. Considered low profile rugs, these range from Kilim, Navajo, Jute, Antique Persian, and Sisal rugs.

The most common practice for many homeowners is to simply place a thick padding under a low profile or thin rug. It’s important to consider what you are placing underneath the area rug because these low profile rugs have a very appealing look to them. Adding too much height with thick padding can defeat the overall look that was intended by the rug.

Choose the appropriate pad size when you have a low profile rug. These thin rugs have a tendency to crawl around the floor more often than a heavier rug. It is important that you choose a pad that will keep that rug secure it place. The appeal of the thin rug is how close it is in proximity to the floor. The padding must be able to help maintain that overall look. Finally, the rug pad needs to help protect the rug and prolong the overall life of the material. Thinner rugs feel much better to walk on, so the thinner the padding the better the overall feel will be.


The most popular pad choice for low profile rugs is a combination of rubber and jute. The width of this type of padding is approximately 1/4 of an inch, helping to add comfort without the rug coming up too high. This type of pad is made from a jute material, providing a natural rubber backing. The pad has a textured surface that can easily secure the rug in place. When the rubber area on the bottom of the pad holds the rug it place, it helps to eliminate and wrinkling or accidental slips from a moving rug. The material that is used in this pad is extremely dense and not spongy, helping to prolong the materials used in that antique area rug. The density in the pad will also help to resist pressure when walking on the area rug. Rather than the back of the rug slowly wearing down on to the hardwood flooring, the pad will effectively absorb all that pressure each time it is walked upon.

Always be care in the type of pad that you eventually pick to use with your low profile rug. The unique blend of rubber and jute in this pad are the reason we recommend it for protecting your thin rugs and floor surface. Be sure that when you are considering a pad, look for one with a rubber side not sprayed with latex, it must have rubber that is sewn into that jute surface. Sprayed latex will not hold to the pad long term, resulting in the material breaking down and damaging your flooring over time. If you follow these simple tips, your rugs will look amazing and stay in place when walked upon.

Best Rug Pad For Antique Rugs and Carpets

Antique rugs and carpets are highly fragile but also more valuable than new ones. Most were made by hand and by artisans who perfected their craft rather than machine-made rugs that are available in the market today. And because these rugs are so special, they must be cleaned and taken cared of in the most detailed way possible. Of course, you’d want your investment to last for a long time and not just overnight. One of the best ways to lengthen your rugs and carpets’ life is to use the right rug pad. However, not all of these pads are made equal.

Walking over your antique rug will give it a lot of stress and friction against the hard floor. And what happens when it encounters a lot of stress? It gets easily damaged – much faster than new rugs since the fibers and the fabric itself are generally sensitive and brittle after many years of existence. The back of the rug, or knots, as well as your floor need to be protected. Rug pads have the ability to give both your rug and floor the protection they need. You can choose between 2 rug pads – one with holes in them and another choice, which are solid rug pads. For antique rugs and carpets, the solid one is the best. And to take it a step further, solid rug pads with texture on the surface are even better. The added texture has the ability to grab your rug or carpet, keeping it from slipping or crawling, and therefore, reducing wear and tear.

For many years, I have personally cared for and restored antique rugs and carpets. I attest to their efficiency in prolonging the life of these beautifully crafted pieces of home accessory and I’ve always used one of two pads. The first one is a jute pad that’s been recycled, which has a high density count. The rug pad has a weight of 40 ounces, which means it is one of the most dense of its kind available. It also means this pad is one of the higher quality jute pads there is. The 40-ounce weight also signifies that it has a dense compression of fiber per square yard, giving it the ability to give your antique rugs more resistance and protection. And one of the best things about it is it can be used under all kinds of antique rugs, which are mostly room sizes.

The next pad I am referring to is the kind that has a non slip feature, most especially useful for antique rugs that easily move around. This kind is mostly used for rug sizes of 6’x9′ and below. The pad’s surface is a dense needle punched recycled jute, with a solid rubber backing natural layer. It naturally has a texture, easily grabbing your rug and holds it firmly on the floor. Extremely dense and 1/4″ thick, you can use this safely on all kinds of floors especially if you get one with a solid rubber rather than a pad that uses sprayed latex – which has the capacity to damage the floor.

It’s highly important that you use the right kind of rug pad for your antique rug – it can lengthen its life and preserve its beauty. Having a special antique rug in your home makes any space more unique and adds character. Make sure you choose a pad that is of high quality. Make this small investment on a rug pad so you can lengthen your larger investment for many, many years to come.

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