The Right Size Rug Pad For Your Rug

It is important to bear in mind that all area rugs require
rug pads for different reasons. It is also important to note that the pad
must be a size smaller than the rug. Getting the right fit rug pad for your rug
will decrease the chances of irregular depreciation and get rid of chances of
tripping that may occur due to the rugs edges getting lifted off the floor.

The most universal rule of a rug pad is quite simple. Your rug pad should be
about one inch shorter in size in the all the sides than your rug. In most cases, rug sizes are often under
standard categories such as 6’x9′ or 9’x12′, although the real size may vary
with a few inches.

If you bought or already have a rug that you were made to
belief is a 9’x12′, the most logic and safe thing to do would be to measure the
rug yourself. When measuring, do not include the tassels or fringes that are
often at the ends of your rug because the rug pad should not include them. Your carpet that you thought is
a 9’x12’may actually be 8’10″x11’9″. For this size of a rug, the ultimate rug pad
should have an actual measurement of 8’8″x11’7″ or simply less an inch on each side.

There are important reasons why your rug pad should be less in size than your
rug. One of the reasons is that we do not want your rug’s edges getting lifted
off the floor because of the pad. This will help in getting rid of any kind of
hazards such as tripping and early wear and tear on the borders of the rug. Another
reason is that it is not a pleasant sight immediately one walks into a room. A pad
that sticks out of the margins of the rug makes the room appear ugly. When the
pad is smaller and does not stick out of the rug, then the room has a much neat


Majority of offline and online stores that sell rug pads do
not cut to size, but you may be lucky to find some that do. However, you can always
ask them to cut your pad according to the size of your rug. If they are not
able to cut a size that suits you, then you have no option but to trim it on
your own. Get a a cutting knife or a heavy duty pair of scissors and ensure
your avoid scratching your floor while cutting. Cutting off the unwanted parts
will enable you to protect your rug and your family for a long period of time.

The Best Rug Pad For Kilim Rugs

From comfort and all the way to increasing
durability, rug pads are definitely a must if you care about increasing your rug’s
lifespan. Therefore, no matter if you own a Kilim or any other similar rug, by using
a quality rug pad you’re going to make it completely flat and very comfortable to
walk on.

Many people actually believe they could get away with
it by purchasing just about any rug pad, but what they fail to realize is that
in time their cheap rug pad is going to wear off and that’s when they’re going to
notice the rug is not as stable as before. Therefore, to avoid this, the best choice
would be to go for a quarter inch dense rubber and needle pinched jute combination.


This is a great choice not only because of the
recycled jute, but also due to the textured surface area which easily grabs the
rug. As for the bottom, it has a natural and solid layer of rubber that is
carefully sewed on to the jute surface.

In fact, if you look closer, you’re going to notice
that the layer of rubber features a special tread pattern that helps a lot with
preventing sliding, since it easily grabs to the floor and makes it almost impossible
for the carpet to move. Because of that, selecting the right rug pad is important
not only to keep your rug flat, but also to avoid situations where you may be
in a hurry and accidentally slip on the carpet because it sits on a slippery surface
and has a poor quality or no rug pad underneath it.

As for the pad itself, it needs to have real rubber backing,
so if you find the type with sprayed on latex rubber that is (sadly) the standard
these days, you may want to steer clear from it. You can save a few dollars by
getting it, but its cons far outweigh the pros, not to mention that it won’t make
your rug as safe as when using a quality rubber rug pad that can effectively
prevent slipping accidents.

So how thick is the best rug pad for your kilim rug?
Well, at just a quarter of an inch, your rug is not only going to look brand new
(since it’s going to stay completely flat), but stepping on it will be much
more comfortable as well. You can also find rug pads that are much thicker than
1/4”, but they’re not as dense as this one and on top of that, they can also
create room for movement with your flat rug. In fact, as a kilim rug owner, one
of the things that makes these rugs so charming is their flat look, so by
getting a thicker rug pad you’d only take away one of the main things that
makes them so amazing to own.

Lastly, keep in mind that since kilim rugs aren’t perfectly
straight and are actually more tribal in nature, you have to ensure your future
rug pad is trimmed around an inch in from its dimensions on all sides.

Rug Pads For Thin and Low Profile Rugs

One of the most common questions we hear when it pertains to padding is, “What rug pad is the best to use with my thin rug?” Thin rugs are simply made with a flatter pile and appear thinner than other types of rugs. Considered low profile rugs, these range from Kilim, Navajo, Jute, Antique Persian, and Sisal rugs.

The most common practice for many homeowners is to simply place a thick padding under a low profile or thin rug. It’s important to consider what you are placing underneath the area rug because these low profile rugs have a very appealing look to them. Adding too much height with thick padding can defeat the overall look that was intended by the rug.

Choose the appropriate pad size when you have a low profile rug. These thin rugs have a tendency to crawl around the floor more often than a heavier rug. It is important that you choose a pad that will keep that rug secure it place. The appeal of the thin rug is how close it is in proximity to the floor. The padding must be able to help maintain that overall look. Finally, the rug pad needs to help protect the rug and prolong the overall life of the material. Thinner rugs feel much better to walk on, so the thinner the padding the better the overall feel will be.


The most popular pad choice for low profile rugs is a combination of rubber and jute. The width of this type of padding is approximately 1/4 of an inch, helping to add comfort without the rug coming up too high. This type of pad is made from a jute material, providing a natural rubber backing. The pad has a textured surface that can easily secure the rug in place. When the rubber area on the bottom of the pad holds the rug it place, it helps to eliminate and wrinkling or accidental slips from a moving rug. The material that is used in this pad is extremely dense and not spongy, helping to prolong the materials used in that antique area rug. The density in the pad will also help to resist pressure when walking on the area rug. Rather than the back of the rug slowly wearing down on to the hardwood flooring, the pad will effectively absorb all that pressure each time it is walked upon.

Always be care in the type of pad that you eventually pick to use with your low profile rug. The unique blend of rubber and jute in this pad are the reason we recommend it for protecting your thin rugs and floor surface. Be sure that when you are considering a pad, look for one with a rubber side not sprayed with latex, it must have rubber that is sewn into that jute surface. Sprayed latex will not hold to the pad long term, resulting in the material breaking down and damaging your flooring over time. If you follow these simple tips, your rugs will look amazing and stay in place when walked upon.

Rug Pads For Laminate Floors

Rug pads for laminate floors are essential to keep the rugs straight and flat on the floor, but they are also efficient when it comes to protecting the laminate floor. Good rug pads for laminate floors must not contain any adhesives, as they can damage the floor.

Using a correct rug pad on a laminate floor will offer protection and will help keep your room neat and clean without a lot of effort.
Felt rug pads are the best for laminate floors. There are a lot of rug pads available for laminate floors, using rubber, or a combination of either natural or synthetic fibers. However, the best choice for a laminate floor is the felt rug pad. Boasting a high density, long fiber design, felt is a great material, offering a better resistance to wear and pressure, while also working great for longer periods of time. The 40 ounce density helps prevent the damage of laminate floor through scratching, cutting or bumps derived from heavy furniture. Other rug pads, typically the soft, spongy ones can damage the floor because the foot steps and heavy furniture leaves marks, sinking through the rug.


The resulting floor damage can be long lasting and may require costly repair work. Good felt pad rugs are manufactured using 40 ounce density recycled natural fibers that are compressed using no added dangerous adhesives or glues. Felt rug pads have a layer of natural rubber that adhere to the surface of the floor, stabilizing the rug neatly in its desired position. You won’t need any additional tools, materials or equipment when installing them. These rugs are a great addition to any room, providing comfort to people and protection for your valuable laminated floor.

Rugs can slip, slide and cause damage to the floor when there is no rug pad installed. A felt rug pad adds a very useful cushioned layer that prevents the rugs from slipping and causing wrinkles. They also reduce the risk of damage to the floor because they are manufactured from natural fibers, without added dangerous chemical substances. Other rug pads generally have rubber and other chemicals in their composition, which might be dangerous for the floor.
Good felt rug pads can last for years, offering great protection to a laminate floor, without the need of added maintenance or repair work. The expensive laminate floor will be protected, the rug will stay neatly on the surface and there won’t be any wrinkles, tears and bumps on the floor.

Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Getting rug pads for hardwoods is very important
because they help in preventing the floor from even the slightest kind of
damage under any kind of rug. A good rug pad should protect the floor from marks
and scratches. Rug pads for hardwoods are often used beneath area rugs that
cover hardwood floors. The rug pad serves the role of a protective barrier and improves comfort. Due to the above reasons, it is important that the rug pad is made of only natural fibers without the addition of any kind of chemicals or additives. To
protect the floor from any form of destruction, the rug pad must be heavy enough to
endure any form of pressure that penetrates through it.


The most common and advantageous rug pads for hardwood floors
are felt rug pads. Felt is compact and heavy and it offers better protection between
the floor and the rug. Although there are so many types of area rug pads available
in the market, we recommend felt rug pad because it performs exceptionally well
on any type of hardwood floor. We will review reused felt rug pads and a
mixture of both felt and rubber rug pads.

If you are looking for great pure felt rug pads, then you should be aware of
some things. The most important thing is that the felt must be recycled. The next
thing is that the rug pad must comprise of ordinary adhesives. Finally, the rug
pad must be as heavy as possible so that it can provide enough protection. A real
felt rug pad has a mass of 40 ounces and it is manufactured with reused fibers
in the USA. We have tried this felt rug pad under weighty furniture and it resists more than any rug pads in the market. We also discovered 935bda0be2fe124a939a00eec030e4dethat felt rug pads use extreme heat pressing so as to steer clear of chemicals whereas most others use an adhesive coating to hold the felt in place.

Rug pads for hardwoods are an essential component for any surface
rug and hardwood floors. Choosing the right kind of rug pad can be confounding
with so many options available in the market. However, if you are absolutely
sure of the facts then this should not be hard for you. We believe this article has shed light on the advantages of felt rug types for your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are very delicate and so they should be taken care of with the right type of rug pads to keep their natural beauty.

Best Rug Pad For Needlepoint Rugs

What makes needlepoint rugs so beautiful is the fact that they are handmade and flat weave. The flat weave
gives it a great look that appears as though you had a painting on your floor. Needlepoint
rugs are thin and quite flexible, it is therefore important to have a good rug pad
that will keep them flat & wrinkle free and at the same time keep them from sliding.

Some people may ask if it is advisable to put a thick rug pad under these carpets for additional comfort. This is fine
however, avoid putting very thick rug pads because they will not keep them
flat. This is because, needlepoint rugs do not have any pile therefore do not
have substantial weight that could keep them from bulking on top of a thick,
highly cushioned pad. The best rug pad therefore is the one with a lot of non slip
function and should also have a little cushion.


The ideal rug pad for needle point rugs should be that of a combination of rubber and jute. This is because it contains
a textured surface of recycled jute that can safely grab the needlepoint rug. At
its bottom is a layer of rubber that safely grabs it to the floor. This rug pad
is therefore perfect for keeping your needlepoint rug flat and wrinkle
free and at the same time look just they way it should. Since this rug pad is needle
punched, it is dense enough to ensure that the needlepoint rug is kept still
when you are walking on it. It is only 0.25 inches thick therefore it adds
comfort without lifting the needlepoint too high off the ground/ floor.

With the perfect rug pad under your needlepoint rug, it will last for a very long time (life time). It is much easier
to vacuum it because the rug pad grabs onto it. There will be no more wrinkles
when you walk on your rug and therefore, it will remain flat giving it the best
look that a needlepoint rug should have. ANC-058B(3x5)-1

These types of rug pads also come in a various qualities. I would however recommend the one with recycled jute and a real
layer of rubber underneath. There is one with a synthetic chemical instead of recycled
jute and also sprayed on a latex rubber. This is however not recommended
because the sprays may break down leaving marks on your floor.

Best Rug Pad For Antique Rugs and Carpets

Antique rugs and carpets are highly fragile but also more valuable than new ones. Most were made by hand and by artisans who perfected their craft rather than machine-made rugs that are available in the market today. And because these rugs are so special, they must be cleaned and taken cared of in the most detailed way possible. Of course, you’d want your investment to last for a long time and not just overnight. One of the best ways to lengthen your rugs and carpets’ life is to use the right rug pad. However, not all of these pads are made equal.

Walking over your antique rug will give it a lot of stress and friction against the hard floor. And what happens when it encounters a lot of stress? It gets easily damaged – much faster than new rugs since the fibers and the fabric itself are generally sensitive and brittle after many years of existence. The back of the rug, or knots, as well as your floor need to be protected. Rug pads have the ability to give both your rug and floor the protection they need. You can choose between 2 rug pads – one with holes in them and another choice, which are solid rug pads. For antique rugs and carpets, the solid one is the best. And to take it a step further, solid rug pads with texture on the surface are even better. The added texture has the ability to grab your rug or carpet, keeping it from slipping or crawling, and therefore, reducing wear and tear.

For many years, I have personally cared for and restored antique rugs and carpets. I attest to their efficiency in prolonging the life of these beautifully crafted pieces of home accessory and I’ve always used one of two pads. The first one is a jute pad that’s been recycled, which has a high density count. The rug pad has a weight of 40 ounces, which means it is one of the most dense of its kind available. It also means this pad is one of the higher quality jute pads there is. The 40-ounce weight also signifies that it has a dense compression of fiber per square yard, giving it the ability to give your antique rugs more resistance and protection. And one of the best things about it is it can be used under all kinds of antique rugs, which are mostly room sizes.

The next pad I am referring to is the kind that has a non slip feature, most especially useful for antique rugs that easily move around. This kind is mostly used for rug sizes of 6’x9′ and below. The pad’s surface is a dense needle punched recycled jute, with a solid rubber backing natural layer. It naturally has a texture, easily grabbing your rug and holds it firmly on the floor. Extremely dense and 1/4″ thick, you can use this safely on all kinds of floors especially if you get one with a solid rubber rather than a pad that uses sprayed latex – which has the capacity to damage the floor.

It’s highly important that you use the right kind of rug pad for your antique rug – it can lengthen its life and preserve its beauty. Having a special antique rug in your home makes any space more unique and adds character. Make sure you choose a pad that is of high quality. Make this small investment on a rug pad so you can lengthen your larger investment for many, many years to come.

Benefit of Buying Cotton Area Rugs

Different types of materials are used to produce area rugs.
One main material used in the manufacturing of floor rugs is cotton. While
buying your area floor mats, there many reasons why you should consider cotton
made mats.

They are natural
Cotton comes naturally from cotton plants. After
harvesting from the bolls of the plants, the light fiber is then spun to give fiber.


Some people are allergic to wool and other
synthetic materials. Since cotton is natural and has not allergies associated
with it, it makes the most ideal solution for people with such conditions.

Other than providing a great feel of warmth,
cotton is also comfortable. This also makes it more suitable for different
spaces in the house such as living room, dining room, bed rooms and any other
room where people can relax their feet on it.

Easy to Clean

Other than health and comfort benefits of
cotton, area rugs made of cotton are very easy to clean. This makes them more preferred
even on areas with a lot of movement such as stairs, corridors or even at the
living room.

Comes with Endless
Designs and Styles


Cotton area mats provide a smooth and
comfortable sensation to our feet. Additionally, they also come with a wide
range of colors. These colors are also longer lasting as they don’t fade away
on washing.

Since cotton made mats have the potential to
absorb colors, they can be woven into a wide range of designs and colors. This
not only helps in enhancing your rooms but also makes it redesigning easy with
cotton area rugs.

There are many purposes that cotton in rugs is
made for. Some of the cotton rugs styles are made entirely from cotton while as
some of the style on rugs use cotton only as the main padding. Some styles will
be knotted while some perisan made, making it possible and easy to find the
style and design that fits your space.

Cotton floor rugs provide you with endless styles
and designs you can use to design or decorate your room. For example you can
purchase that brightly colored style with an animated art on it for your
children room. You can also through in a cotton rug with a country side flavor
to give you that homely feel in your room.

Shapes and sizes are in a wide variety. Whether
your house, room or space is big or small, you will find a floor rug that fully
fits your area.

Tips to buy Cotton
Area Floor Rugs

Are you asking yourself where and how you can get cotton
rugs for your space?

The simplest way to get high quality cotton rugs
is visiting and purchasing them from specialized stores where you will have the
privilege to see and feel them before purchase.

Another way to find your rug is by browsing for
the best online stores that offer the best value and quality. With an online
store, you will be in a position to look at the various designs and styles available
at your own comfort.

The best way however is to combine both methods
by shopping your favorite design online and taking time to visit the physical
store to feel the material before you buy.

Avoid Rug Pads That Are Pre-Cut and Pre-Packaged

6Finding a high quality rug pad in your local retail store can be quite a challenge. The retailer is not interested in tying up their money in inventory, so they stock standard sized padding for sale. Even more retailers are making the switch to drop shipping, never seeing those pads as they travel from the warehouse to the customer. The warehouse ships padding that is folded into packages that in many cases has been sitting on shelves for weeks and months. Here are some of the reasons that you should avoid buying pre-cut and pre-packaged rug pads from a retail outlet or online website.

Recently we were contacted from a customer who did buy their padding from an online source, and they were concerned that the rug now had bumps every eighteen inches. The type of pad that she purchased was a rubber and jute combination that was folded tightly into the packaging. Those bumps in her rug were from where the folds in the padding were rising through. Inside the package, the rubber actually melted together where it was folded, causing a tripping hazard in her home. In addition to the rug looking awkward, that padding is going to wear the rug in certain locations prematurely.

ultra-premium_tile-marble-vinyl_runners_2To ensure that you are buying the best pads, you must purchase them from a supplier that stores all their pads on rolls. Whether it is jute, rubber, or non-slip pads, storing the pads in rolls will ensure no deformities once the pad is on your floor. The pads are manufactured at preset sizes, and most retail outlets cut the padding even smaller to be able to sit in packaging on their shelves more easily. The simple truth is rolled padding takes up space, and most retail shops will not tie up their valuable space, then have to utilize time to cut and wrap the finished product. They feel this is wasted time that can be better served storing the pad in smaller packages.

An Excellent Way to Absorb Sound From Your Floors

Carpets and rugs are comfortable and create soft padding to walk on in the home. However,
they do not absorb sound as well as they should. Every step you take on your rug or carpet,
transfers your weight and pressure through it onto the floor beneath. This
results in a loud thumping noise, which is transmitted to the floors below.
This is especially loud for carpets laid on hardwood and other hard flooring.


Jute rug pads

Installing a sound absorbing material on your floor is the best solution for this problem. Owners
of residential apartments are increasingly demanding that tenants do this, to
prevent disturbing other neighbors. Furthermore, many homeowners are very
concerned about the noise made by footsteps on their hardwood floors. The
answer to this is really simple- jute rug pads.

Jute rug pads give excellent cushioning and support to carpets and rugs. They also act
as a support for your carpet, anchoring it to the floor to prevent slippage. More importantly, jute rug pads are excellent
shock and noise absorbers. They efficiently mute the sound of footsteps and
falling objects. Additionally, they add an extra layer of protection for your
flooring. This prevents damage from scratches and stains, prolonging its life.

Selecting the right jute rug pad

The best jute rug pad should be made from eco friendly and recycled materials. This makes
them non-allergic and non-toxic to people and pets. It should also have good density and thickness.
40 ounce high density jute rug pads that are half an inch thick are preferable.
The jute rug pad should also be resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and odors.
A good jute rug pad should additionally be
safe for use on all types of floors.

The best jute rug pads are usually made of tight and densely woven fibers. These last longer
and feel softer under the feet. The high density prevents even sharp heels from
penetrating through the rugs and damaging the floor, or making a sound.


Extra protection

Installing a jute rug pad is also a great way of prolonging the life of your carpets and
rugs. The extra support and cushioning will prevent carpets from wearing thin and
tearing, due to compression onto the floor. Jute rug pads prevent the
accumulation of bad odors common in carpets, by resisting moisture and

Jute rug pads add an insulating layer on the floor, preventing heat or cold from being transferred
through the carpet. This makes your floors more comfortable in all seasons.

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