The Right Size Rug Pad For Your Rug

It is important to bear in mind that all area rugs require
rug pads for different reasons. It is also important to note that the pad
must be a size smaller than the rug. Getting the right fit rug pad for your rug
will decrease the chances of irregular depreciation and get rid of chances of
tripping that may occur due to the rugs edges getting lifted off the floor.

The most universal rule of a rug pad is quite simple. Your rug pad should be
about one inch shorter in size in the all the sides than your rug. In most cases, rug sizes are often under
standard categories such as 6’x9′ or 9’x12′, although the real size may vary
with a few inches.

If you bought or already have a rug that you were made to
belief is a 9’x12′, the most logic and safe thing to do would be to measure the
rug yourself. When measuring, do not include the tassels or fringes that are
often at the ends of your rug because the rug pad should not include them. Your carpet that you thought is
a 9’x12’may actually be 8’10″x11’9″. For this size of a rug, the ultimate rug pad
should have an actual measurement of 8’8″x11’7″ or simply less an inch on each side.

There are important reasons why your rug pad should be less in size than your
rug. One of the reasons is that we do not want your rug’s edges getting lifted
off the floor because of the pad. This will help in getting rid of any kind of
hazards such as tripping and early wear and tear on the borders of the rug. Another
reason is that it is not a pleasant sight immediately one walks into a room. A pad
that sticks out of the margins of the rug makes the room appear ugly. When the
pad is smaller and does not stick out of the rug, then the room has a much neat


Majority of offline and online stores that sell rug pads do
not cut to size, but you may be lucky to find some that do. However, you can always
ask them to cut your pad according to the size of your rug. If they are not
able to cut a size that suits you, then you have no option but to trim it on
your own. Get a a cutting knife or a heavy duty pair of scissors and ensure
your avoid scratching your floor while cutting. Cutting off the unwanted parts
will enable you to protect your rug and your family for a long period of time.

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