Thick rug pads add comfort and cushiness

81GOnja9R0L._SX425_ A carpet can add a lot to one’s previously cold, bland and often lifeless floor. It can start off by providing a colorful decoration to a room that badly needs it. More than just decorations, often times carpets are viewed as a type of status symbol, and having an expensive handmade rug is not unlike having a nice watch or a nice car. Of course, some people don’t care about all that and look towards rugs to help improve their quality of life, as well as that of other people who come in contact with the rug. This type of thinking is usually split between two roles that people want their rugs to fulfill. First, some want a durable, sturdy rug, most often for high traffic areas, that put emphasis on getting the job done in the face of adversity. These rugs will be designed to withstand massive traffic without being subjected to much wear and tear. Sometimes, they will double-up adding a type of doormat functionality to the room, and as such there needs to be an effective way to clean them without risking permanent stains. The high traffic might also budge them, so additional thought is placed into outfitting these carpets with rug pads offering more adherence, as nobody wants incidents related to carpets sliding out of place. The second type of functionality a carpet might offer is that of additional comfort for one’s home. This requires a completely different type of rug, where ruggedness gives place to cushiness. Usually these rugs are designed with people sitting or lying down on them in mind, and are often purchased because of that. People want their children playing on a rug as comfortable as they can, so special, soft materials are imagesused throughout the rug making process. But no matter how comfortable your new carpet is, remember that it is the rug pad that often makes or breaks the comfort of the carpet. That’s right – you can get the cushiest rug out there, and if you outfit it with the wrong rug pad, just walking over it, let alone actually sitting down, will feel hard and potentially unpleasant. Foam is one of the materials often used to produce thick rug pads that add comfort and cushiness, prime foam often being the desired choice for this utility. Temperature insulation is another big factor whenever there’s someone sitting on the rug. If you got a carpet wanting to separate the cold floor from your children who constantly play on the rug, you might find that the carpeting itself isn’t enough and that there is still cold emanating from the floor. In this case, as well, you’ll want to place some thick rug pads under there, as they will not only add comfort and provide cushiness but also make the carpet stay around room temperature and make it pleasant to sit on. Always keep the material of the rug pad in mind, as there are many rug pads that simply won’t offer any of the benefits you are looking for while having a hefty price tag.

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