Why rug pads of lesser quality should be avoided

The mark of a responsible carpet owner is outfitting all of their carpets with appropriate rug pads. Rug pads are a type of padding designed to increase the life of the carpet as well as provide many different benefits to the carpet owner depending on his or her needs. However, there are a lot of rug pads to choose from and each will come with its own set of pros and cons, even quality ones. Therefore, those looking to buy the right rug pad for their carpet will first need to familiarize themselves with the different types of rug pads and cross-reference them to their carpets’ location and type.IMG_1428-300x168
A rug pad should only be chosen once you are aware of both the carpet’s and the rug pad’s material. Not all rug pads go well with all forms of fabric that carpets are made from, and even quality rug pads like those made by Mohawk Rug Pads or a similar top-notch manufacturer can end up damaging some carpets if the fabric of the rug is brittle. Because of this, it’s important to know exactly what your carpets are made from and what rug pads go well with this type of material.
Similarly, a rug pad can also damage a carpet if it is made with low quality materials like bonded urethane foam. This type of material is made with cost-effectiveness in mind as it is essentially foam scraps bound together by chemicals. These chemicals will often end up leaking onto the carpet and create a yellow stain that is usually impossible to remove. Should this happen, you will be left with the choice to throw away your carpet, cover the stain with a piece of furniture or forced to bear the sight of the stain indefinitely.
To avoid this, always make sure that the rug pad you are getting was produced using high quality and preferably natural materials, as well as being made by a quality manufacturer. Flat rubber and prime foam are some great examples of materials that, while not necessarily made with natural ingredients, will tend to make rug pads that provide a host of benefits to the carpet owners and last for a very long time.
While the idea of a rug pad made from natural materials like wool or felt is definitely appealing, in part because of the eco-friendliness showing itself primarily through the ability to recycle the rug pad, there can be times when an all-natural rug pad isn’t optimal and might even prove to be detrimental. One example of such a situation could be an area with high humidity and low ventilation, even if the humidity merely comes in the form of water being applied to the carpet often during cleaning. This water can get stuck inside felt and similar rug pads and eventually cause the rug pad to rot, producing a foul stench and almost certainly warranting a complete rug pad replacement.
To avoid getting an inappropriate rug pad that might do more harm than good, always talk to the rug pad vendor beforehand and explain what you need in detail. Rug pad manufacturers aren’t the 2014.07.31_17.08.16same as carpet manufacturers, and you should always look for a company that specializes primarily in manufacturing rug pads, like the Mohawk Rug Pads manufacturer. This will ensure that your rug pad was designed with the very best materials and made to serve a specific purpose.
The rug pads that are offered by rug vendors tend to be of a horrible quality and can easily damage a carpet. The same goes for rug pads that are mass-manufactured with cheap materials and sold in non-specialized stores. Whereas a quality rug pad could greatly increase the life of your carpet and allow you to pass it onto generations that will come after you, a rug pad that was manufactured with saving money in mind can easily damage your carpet and often force you to throw it away completely.
This highlights the importance of always getting quality rug pads made by people dedicated to providing the very best padding possible. The effects that your rug pad can have on your carpet are potentially large, but they can be negative just as easily as they could be positive, meaning you shouldn’t sacrifice quality to save some money on your padding.

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