Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors

Getting rug pads for hardwoods is very important
because they help in preventing the floor from even the slightest kind of
damage under any kind of rug. A good rug pad should protect the floor from marks
and scratches. Rug pads for hardwoods are often used beneath area rugs that
cover hardwood floors. The rug pad serves the role of a protective barrier and improves comfort. Due to the above reasons, it is important that the rug pad is made of only natural fibers without the addition of any kind of chemicals or additives. To
protect the floor from any form of destruction, the rug pad must be heavy enough to
endure any form of pressure that penetrates through it.


The most common and advantageous rug pads for hardwood floors
are felt rug pads. Felt is compact and heavy and it offers better protection between
the floor and the rug. Although there are so many types of area rug pads available
in the market, we recommend felt rug pad because it performs exceptionally well
on any type of hardwood floor. We will review reused felt rug pads and a
mixture of both felt and rubber rug pads.

If you are looking for great pure felt rug pads, then you should be aware of
some things. The most important thing is that the felt must be recycled. The next
thing is that the rug pad must comprise of ordinary adhesives. Finally, the rug
pad must be as heavy as possible so that it can provide enough protection. A real
felt rug pad has a mass of 40 ounces and it is manufactured with reused fibers
in the USA. We have tried this felt rug pad under weighty furniture and it resists more than any rug pads in the market. We also discovered 935bda0be2fe124a939a00eec030e4dethat felt rug pads use extreme heat pressing so as to steer clear of chemicals whereas most others use an adhesive coating to hold the felt in place.

Rug pads for hardwoods are an essential component for any surface
rug and hardwood floors. Choosing the right kind of rug pad can be confounding
with so many options available in the market. However, if you are absolutely
sure of the facts then this should not be hard for you. We believe this article has shed light on the advantages of felt rug types for your hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are very delicate and so they should be taken care of with the right type of rug pads to keep their natural beauty.

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