An Excellent Way to Absorb Sound From Your Floors

Carpets and rugs are comfortable and create soft padding to walk on in the home. However,
they do not absorb sound as well as they should. Every step you take on your rug or carpet,
transfers your weight and pressure through it onto the floor beneath. This
results in a loud thumping noise, which is transmitted to the floors below.
This is especially loud for carpets laid on hardwood and other hard flooring.


Jute rug pads

Installing a sound absorbing material on your floor is the best solution for this problem. Owners
of residential apartments are increasingly demanding that tenants do this, to
prevent disturbing other neighbors. Furthermore, many homeowners are very
concerned about the noise made by footsteps on their hardwood floors. The
answer to this is really simple- jute rug pads.

Jute rug pads give excellent cushioning and support to carpets and rugs. They also act
as a support for your carpet, anchoring it to the floor to prevent slippage. More importantly, jute rug pads are excellent
shock and noise absorbers. They efficiently mute the sound of footsteps and
falling objects. Additionally, they add an extra layer of protection for your
flooring. This prevents damage from scratches and stains, prolonging its life.

Selecting the right jute rug pad

The best jute rug pad should be made from eco friendly and recycled materials. This makes
them non-allergic and non-toxic to people and pets. It should also have good density and thickness.
40 ounce high density jute rug pads that are half an inch thick are preferable.
The jute rug pad should also be resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and odors.
A good jute rug pad should additionally be
safe for use on all types of floors.

The best jute rug pads are usually made of tight and densely woven fibers. These last longer
and feel softer under the feet. The high density prevents even sharp heels from
penetrating through the rugs and damaging the floor, or making a sound.


Extra protection

Installing a jute rug pad is also a great way of prolonging the life of your carpets and
rugs. The extra support and cushioning will prevent carpets from wearing thin and
tearing, due to compression onto the floor. Jute rug pads prevent the
accumulation of bad odors common in carpets, by resisting moisture and

Jute rug pads add an insulating layer on the floor, preventing heat or cold from being transferred
through the carpet. This makes your floors more comfortable in all seasons.

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