The perfect fit- area rugs

When people decorate their homes, they do it with great care and try to incorporate their preferences, their budgets and what it is available at the market at that point. So, when it comes to choosing area rugs, a person must choose the one which will fit its space the best. These rugs come with an abundance of benefits for the living space, like adding vividness and splash of patterns and colors, solving the acoustical issues, giving warmth to the room and making the walking or standing surface much softer. Rectangular and round small area carpets are the two most commonly chosen shapes of carpets. Although there are some other shapes which are designed for a specific area intentionally, it is a fact that the round-shaped living room carpets are the most selling form of floor coverings.

The perfect fit!
Usually, when an architect designs a room, he or she sticks to the social conventions and aspects of living space compositions and produces a living space which is square or rectangular in shape. So, when a person believes that round-shaped area carpets look good only in round rooms, it means that these carpets can be only found in less than 1%, world-wide wise. No, the truth is that the choice of which carpet or rug would be chosen for that room depends on the size of the living space and its usage. For instance, round-shaped carpets are the best choice for large and spacious bathrooms, while the smaller bathrooms look extended if they are decorated with small rectangular mats. Also, a large rectangular carpet can enhance the individuality and add further depth to square living rooms. One rule that the interior designers say should always be followed is the choice of carpet for dining rooms. Simply as pattern, the dining room carpet should always follow the form of the dining room table and cover the space area when the chairs are pulled away (when a person is sitting on them).
The perfect size!
When a person decides it is time to replace the old floor coverings with new ones, he or she can choose the proper sized carpet by measuring the entire room, and choosing a carpet with dimensions which are only 1/4th of the entire space. If the carpet is the central piece of the space and if it is too large, it will consume the whole room, giving away the look and feel of congestion. Also, another thing that needs to come into thinking is the traffic patterns and the placement of the furniture. The specific carpet which should be chosen compliments the room and it suits well in the eye of the beholder, so the patterns and the colors must combine well with the rest of the room’s colors.
Think outside the box!
Just because most people tend to choose round or rectangular shaped carpets, this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to follow the same pattern. A person can express its creativity, uniqueness and originality by purchasing a hexagonal or sphere shaped carpet. At the end, it all comes down to the customers.

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