The Best Rug Pad For Kilim Rugs

From comfort and all the way to increasing
durability, rug pads are definitely a must if you care about increasing your rug’s
lifespan. Therefore, no matter if you own a Kilim or any other similar rug, by using
a quality rug pad you’re going to make it completely flat and very comfortable to
walk on.

Many people actually believe they could get away with
it by purchasing just about any rug pad, but what they fail to realize is that
in time their cheap rug pad is going to wear off and that’s when they’re going to
notice the rug is not as stable as before. Therefore, to avoid this, the best choice
would be to go for a quarter inch dense rubber and needle pinched jute combination.


This is a great choice not only because of the
recycled jute, but also due to the textured surface area which easily grabs the
rug. As for the bottom, it has a natural and solid layer of rubber that is
carefully sewed on to the jute surface.

In fact, if you look closer, you’re going to notice
that the layer of rubber features a special tread pattern that helps a lot with
preventing sliding, since it easily grabs to the floor and makes it almost impossible
for the carpet to move. Because of that, selecting the right rug pad is important
not only to keep your rug flat, but also to avoid situations where you may be
in a hurry and accidentally slip on the carpet because it sits on a slippery surface
and has a poor quality or no rug pad underneath it.

As for the pad itself, it needs to have real rubber backing,
so if you find the type with sprayed on latex rubber that is (sadly) the standard
these days, you may want to steer clear from it. You can save a few dollars by
getting it, but its cons far outweigh the pros, not to mention that it won’t make
your rug as safe as when using a quality rubber rug pad that can effectively
prevent slipping accidents.

So how thick is the best rug pad for your kilim rug?
Well, at just a quarter of an inch, your rug is not only going to look brand new
(since it’s going to stay completely flat), but stepping on it will be much
more comfortable as well. You can also find rug pads that are much thicker than
1/4”, but they’re not as dense as this one and on top of that, they can also
create room for movement with your flat rug. In fact, as a kilim rug owner, one
of the things that makes these rugs so charming is their flat look, so by
getting a thicker rug pad you’d only take away one of the main things that
makes them so amazing to own.

Lastly, keep in mind that since kilim rugs aren’t perfectly
straight and are actually more tribal in nature, you have to ensure your future
rug pad is trimmed around an inch in from its dimensions on all sides.

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