Why Use Felt Rug Pads

71iqspcrHtL._SX450_While it’s imperative for all floors to have
rugs, rug pads are essential for both your rug and your floor. Rug pads provide a solid
foundation for your carpet as they’ll not only cushion and bring comfort to
your carpet but they’ll also enhance its longevity. And as if that isn’t enough,
rug pads help in protecting the floor underneath from staining and color
transfer. They reduce wrinkles on your
area rug making it easier to clean. Since there are various types of rug pads
out there, you can be confused in choosing one that best suits your
carpet and floor type. Felted jute pads
can be used in any type of floor and carpet. It’s normally made of a recycled jute that’s
usually compressed to form a dense, durable and reliable pad that protects both
the floor and the carpet. Below are some of the benefits that come with the use
of felt jute pads.

They Are Made Of Tough Fibers

As mentioned earlier, some felt jute pads are made from
recycled fibers. They include nylon and wool carpet fibers. Because these fibers
are compressed into a dense and tough cushion through a complex needle punching
process, the resultant pad can resist the effects of heavy traffic thus preventing shedding. It’s usually recommended that you choose a pad
weighing about 40 ounces (amount of fiber per square cushion). A felt jute pad
weighing this much is dense enough to hold up traffic without shedding.


Offers Protection to Both Your Floor and Rug

Since these pads are dense enough to resist shedding, they can also protect
your floor from scratching. For hardwood floors, felt jute pads
cushion them from falling heavy objects that can cause indentations. Heavy traffic
causes your hard floor to destroy your carpet. Thankfully, these pads act as
reliable barriers between your hard floor and rug.

Comfort and Non-Allergic

The material used to make these pads is not only mold and mildew
resistant but it is also non-allergic. It doesn’t shed off micro particles
which are hazardous to asthmatic people. Besides that, because of their dense
nature, these pads are soft to walk on and more intriguing, they can last for up to 15 years.

They Are Versatile

This type of padding can be used on marble, tile, stone,
concrete and even hardwood flooring. Unlike other pads, its rubber and petroleum
free. Laminate floors are known to very reactive to many products but they are
compatible with felt jute pads. Regardless of the the type of your floor, felt jute rug pads can provide the required protection.


Whenever you are going for a felt jute pad, keep in your
mind the weight factor. Remember that the one weighing about 40 ounces is the
best because of its density. Also, ensure
that it’s only made from recycled wool and nylon materials. Some are made from
synthetic materials such as latex and they can be harmful to your floor and
rugs. These pads will extend the life of
your area rug, cushion your carpet, add comfort, allow easier vacuuming and
provide safer environment by reducing slippage.

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